AHR Software develops bespoke software for arts and humanities research projects in the higher education sector

We build websites, databases, mobile apps, data visualisations and more, to help make your research more engaging, accurate, and impactful


Welcome to AHR Software. We're a software development team with a special interest in arts and humanities academic research projects in the higher education sector.

We've built AHR Software based on our extensive experience in the HE sector, building high-quality software for arts and humanities research projects at some of the best universities in the country. We know from speaking directly to researchers how hard it can be to find that perfect software developer to collaborate with, who fully appreciates the dynamics and challenges of academic research. This is where we come in.

We understand the academic research project lifecycle, from grant applications through to REF, and we're here to support you throughout the journey. We ensure that your software complies with legal requirements (e.g. ethics and web accessibility), common data standards in HE (e.g. TEI), and academic research goals (e.g. open access and impact case studies).

If you'd like to chat about how we can collaborate, drop us an email us at hello@ahrsoftware.co.uk

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We know arts and humanities academic research much better than most software developers. We bring years of specialist knowledge and experience to ensure a smoother development process, which leads to some fantastic software for your research project.

  • We understand that you may not be tech-savvy and that's ok! We take care of the technical side of things so that you don't have to. We don't bombard you with confusing jargon and we always explain technical aspects of the project in plain English.

  • Our services are tailored specifically to arts and humanities research projects. This includes free advice for writing technical aspects of your grant applications, the development of software to work with your academic research data, and free professional branding for your project.

  • You're the expert in your academic field. This is why we have a transparent and collaborative development process that lets you bring your academic expertise directly into the development of your software. You can make sure that your vision is realised and know that you're happy every step of the way.


  • We offer free, no-obligation advice sessions where we discuss how software and data can play a vital role in your research project.

  • We build bespoke, advanced websites to collect, store, and present your research data. We can design, develop, host, and maintain your website throughout the lifetime of your project.

  • We develop beautiful mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices to deliver an engaging and impactful experience for your research participants.

  • Data visualisations are an extremely engaging way to read, understand, and share your data. We can design interactive visualisations and embed them in a website or mobile app.

  • We use software to improve the quantity and quality of the research data you collect. We can scrape large amounts of data from the web and gather high-quality responses from custom web and mobile surveys.

  • We can determine the most appropriate way to store your data, whether it's as a SQL database or in a format like XML, JSON, or CSV. We'll help you design an efficient data structure and help you store your data securely.

  • We can write software to automatically detect inconsistencies and errors in your data, leading to higher quality data and more accurate research outputs.

  • We can design unique and attractive branding for your research project and apply this to your project website to make a consistent and professional impression on your audience.

The Process

We understand how dynamic and unpredictable research projects can be. We anticipate and accommodate this with a process that's transparent, flexible, and straightforward.

Although each project is unique, a typical software development project lifecycle follows these 5 steps:

  1. 1. Initial free advice session to chat about your research and help with your grant application.

  2. 2. We work together to establish a comprehensive but flexible list of your requirements.

  3. 3. We design and develop your software, working openly, iteratively, and collaboratively.

  4. 4. Once you're completely happy with the finished product we make it publicly available.

  5. 5. We maintain and support your software for as long as you need us to.


We've built a strong portfolio of software development projects whilst working at some of the best Universities in the country. Simply click on any image below to explore each project further.

Screenshot of website: Invisible East Screenshot of website: MultiPal Screenshot of website: Social Bodies Screenshot of website: Jewish Book Culture Screenshot of website: HebrewPal Screenshot of website: Everyday Lookism Screenshot of website: TEXTCOURT Screenshot of website: OSRJL Tutorials Screenshot of website: LINGUINDIC Screenshot of website: Linguistic Atlas of Judeo-Spanishes Screenshot of website: Testimony in Practice Screenshot of website: Visualise Baudelaire Song Screenshot of website: Out of Our Minds Screenshot of website: Everything to Everybody Screenshot of website: CLiC Calendar Screenshot of website: Post-Socialist Britain


The best first step is to schedule a free advice session, during which we can chat about your research and how software can play an important part in its success and impact.

Setting up a free advice session is simple. Email us at hello@ahrsoftware.co.uk and we'll be in touch shortly.